Shingle Roofing

The most economical choice for most homeowners in today's fast paced world. Shingle roofing materials in the northeast are primarily composed of a reinforced fiberglass mat and asphalt but organic versions of asphalt shingles exist in our market. The look and durability of today's shingle products can mimic the look of slate and wood cedar shake roofs at a fraction of the cost. Available with warranties ranging from 25 years to Limited Lifetime series and with algae resistant features today's fiberglass asphalt shingles are guaranteed to stand up to the diverse New England weather conditions and protect your most valuable investments.

Roofing Concepts offers shingle roofing installation and repair in Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ).

  1. Costs- typically lower than any other form of steep slope roofing
  2. Durability
  3. Appearance- variety of colors and styles to choose from
  4. Warranties
  5. Strong wind ratings
  1. Applications under a 3/12 roof pitch require certain precautions prior to installation.

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